Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nyan Cat

The most AWESOME, yet ANNOYING video ever is now on my blog. Scroll down to watch! Let's see how long you can last watching. Comment on this post and tell me how long you lasted! POPTART CAT FTW!
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Last day of July?!?!?!?!?!!?

OMG!!!!! I just realized it's the last day of July!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'll do anything not to go back to school! August 24, you better stay back.... or else. This has been the best summer ever! We still have time. I'm gonna live it up until August 24. Don't take this the wrong way, I definitely want to see you guys, I'd just rather it be out of school.


On Friday I went to a cookout. It was super fun. I got to see my favorite little girl in the world, Noelani!!! She is the CUTEST thing EVER! I loved it when she asked me to read a book to her. After that I played mario kart With Matthew and his bros. I owned that night :) It was really fun hanging out with everybody. I hope we can do that again soon!

Amazing Sleepover!

The sleepover turned out to be AMAZING!!! I had so much fun with Megan! We stayed up until we heard the toaster in the morning. When we got bored in the middle of the night, we wanted to see how long we could watch Nyan Cat. We watched for 1 HOUR straight. Do you know how hard that was???? That has to be the most ANNOYING video ever. We also played with dish washing soap in the kitchen. I like to put some in my hands, make a circle, and then blow bubbles out of it. I greatly thank the Mountain Dew for making it possible to stay hyped up all night. ♥

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sorry i haven't posted in awhile! Been busy. I'll post tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleepover! :)

Having a sleepover with my bestie later :) I LOVE U MEGAN!!!!!! lol We always have the bestest times at our sleepovers.The cool thing is, all it requires is a couple packs of mountain dew...... >:D CAFFIENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filling- Check!

I got my filling today! "Your cavity is so small I don't think you need to be numbed," says the Dentist. Drilling... drilling.... drillling.... OMG STOPSTOPSTOP!!!!! He didn't numb me and when he got to a certain point I felt the WORST PAIN EVERRRR!!! It only lasted about half a second though because I raised my hand for him to stop so fast. I have NEVER begged for a shot in my life. After that it wasn't so bad. We also found an orthodontist for me to go to! Braces on August 17th..... ugh *shivers*. At least I'll be done with them before Highschool!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I just remembered how freaking awesome this bird is. My family and I found it in the sand dunes at OBX. I didn't realize she was there and I kept walking, then she started making these weird noises at me.... she was MAAAD. She was sitting on her eggs and I apperently disturbed her. Anyway, isn't she AWESOME?!?!

Another one? -.-

I went to the Ortodontist today, not too bad. You know how I said I had to go to the Dentist tomorrow? It turns out I'm going to the Dentist AND another Orthodontist appointment. Why can't you people quit jackin with my teeth?!?!?!?!?!


You know the little dragon counter I have in the top right corner of my blog? It is full of it. I apperently have had WAY more views than that and never realized it until now. WHOOOOAAA! Guess I can get rid of the counter! Maybe I should try to make money of of this blog with ads..... !!!!!


Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?! Dentist at 2:30 TODAY and AGAIN TOMORROW?!?!?! Are you people nuts?! I HATE people being all up in my face! Mr. Dentist, I did NOT give you permission to put your hand in my mouth. I guess I'll have to deal with it anyway. NOT looking forward to 2:30 today!I tell you what though, if they stick anything near my face that looks anything like a needle, I'm making a run for it. Though I must admit, it is pretty fun to be numbed up. I can't feel my face! It's like it's not even there.... :]

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just realized how fun it is to write songs. Me and my keyboard have been bffs today. I now have songs about lobsters and kangaroos. They're really catchy and fun. I taught my brother how to play the Lobster song on my keyboard. He sings the Kangaroo song now. lol I love music!


Nothing really interesting is happening today either. My parents are at work so I'm babysitting my little bro. I'm STARVING but I don't know if I should eat yet because it's only 11:00.... AND my bro keeps harassin me to play Webkinz with him. It's fun every once in awhile but he wants to play 24/7. I can't ever say no because if I do he'll just bug me ALL DAY about it. IM SO TIRED :(

Monday, July 25, 2011


I honestly don't really know what to write about today.... but a daily post was promised. Sooo here you people go. All I really did was search around the city for Webkinz with my brother. I honestly still like those things... They're just so adorable! I bought a Lionfish and he bought an Okapi. It's like a mixture of a horse, zebra, donkey, and giraffe...... lol. It exists for real thought! I guess they're endangered. It is 11:45 so I better sleep. Hopefully I'll have something mire interesting to post about tomorrow :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Swimming in the Rappahannock

The Rappahannock River is sooooo amazing! I went swimming there today in a beachy area. I love the little mini fish that nip you. For the first time I used the snorkle and goggles..... I LOVE THAT THING!!!!! I can BREATHE UNDERWATER!!! It's just REALLY annoying when some jerk will splash u while you're underwater and then water will go down the snorkle tube thing.... GRRR! Anyway, there were TONS oif fish swimming around! It was just very hot outside.... I felt like I was swimming in pee the water was so hot. Ick! Overall, it was a really fun time though :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Day

Today didn't go so well. Went to the dentist and now my teeth are KILLING me. I also got ny first cavity :( GRRR! Darn you mountain dew........ My brother was seriously annoying too :| Well, at least steak and shake made things a little better.

Dental Vist

I hate going to the dentist more than anything the world. And guess what I'm doing? Waiting for the dentist to come out and say it's my turn -.-. It wouldn't be as bad if I was going to my old dentist. I've never been to this one before. All my last one did was show me kiddi videos and stab my gums with that pick thing. Hope this dentist is more careful! Just got called... Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In LOVE with Splitsville!!! Bowling is sooo much fun! I went earlier with my mom and bro, too bad Daddy was working :( I beat everybody, and I'm getting WAY better at bowling. I also found out if you give the person your used movie ticket, you'll get free bowling shoes!!! I'll just head to muvico to see something with my friends, hen next door to Splitsville afterwards! Not a bad idea right?

Monday, July 18, 2011

GNO and Sleepover

I had the most amazing time with my friends yesterday! I missed you guys all sooooo much and I'm happy I got to see you :) I bought two necklaces, a treble clef and a piano. They are really pretty. Most of my friends didn't buy anything. Afterwards I spent the night with Alana and Leah! You guys are soooo amazing!!! Thanks for the great time!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Charming Charlie GNO!!!!!!

My mom and I are hosting a GNO party at Charming Charlie tonight and I am SOOOOOOO siked! I get to see my friends that I've been missing!!! At the BEST place to shop EVERRRRR!!!!! One of the best things is that I get to SHOP...... >:) I will be totally out of cash by the end of this visit. I can't wait to see you girls, and sorry for the ones who were unable to make it!

Kings Dominion Fail

I have NEVER felt so horrible getting home from Kings Dominion. I'm not sure what happened, but whatever it was caused me to feel like m y face was a balloon and I was gonna puke...... worst night EVERRRRR. El Dorado, perhaps you were the cause? I never did wanna ride you..... Grrr.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Intimi305, We Shall Meet Again Tonight

Oh Intimidator 305, I've missed you so much during the past week. I've concluded that we shall meet again tonight, after such a long week apart. We will spend time together under the stars just as we did before. I'm glad we've finally found time to be together. See ya later intimi305 :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Symptoms of a Purple Hand

If you have ever gotten injected with a needle in the hand, your hand is prone to turning purple. If you feel dizzy, or randomly start laughing histerically, you have the actual disease of the Purple Hand. You also may become extremely loopy. No medical attention will solve this problem.
Have a nice day :)

Slurpee? Bowling Balls? Dracula???

My dream last night was really awkward. It started out with me hiking in a forest with my governor school peeps. We were hiking foreverrrrr and then it started SNOWING. In the SUMMER. I stuck my tounge out to catch the flakes and it tasted like one of my favorite Slurpees, Snow Fruit. Then I realized, I was in Slurpee Land. Somehow I ended up in a little boat sailing through the red cherry Slurpee river to a Castle. The river went through the caslte. As I sailed into it, I saw a white snowy platform inside. On it there was this weird guy wearing a cape that looked like Dracula! He started THROWING pink bowling balls at me!!!! Seriously, I mean what the heck?!?!?! Then he told me if I took the pink bowling ball to another castle they would give me a free slurpee, which is pretty stupid since I could've just eaten the river or Slurpee snow. For whatever reason I accepted, and the second guy in a cape threw me in a river. The dream ended after I ended up on a water slide. Except it was a Slurpee slide........
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Internet Down

I never thought my house would be this crazy without internet... I guess we use it more than I thought we did. I couldn't text my friends for the longest time, my dad couldn't work on his laptop, my mom couldn't buy her movie tix, and my brother couldn't play with his xbox friends. I'm VERY glad it got fixed, though. That was tragic! I would've been lonely without my wi-fi for texting and such. If I ever go long periods of time without talking or posting, our suckish internet might be the cause. Sorry guys!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Abby, My Texas Friend :)

My Texas friend, thank you for talking to me again :)Keep reading my blog! I'll post more often now that I have more readers. I really miss you! Ha, you say we're alike now, remember when I lived there all the stuff we would do? I hope I can see you again sometime and I will put up more pics for you to see soon :D


Dear Bruno,
I know you are reading this(STALKER!!!!!!!)(jk) so I promiseee I shall post more often bcuz you are special :D. You are so special, that flying hobos follow you when you go on walks thru the park. And btw, there is a button at the last post of my blog saying that there are older posts. xD I LUFF BRUNO!!!!!!

Roller Coaster Addict

WHAT HAS THE INTIMIDATOR 305 DONE TO ME?!?! I think I am officially a roller coaster addict. I am in love with intimi305. The drop is amazing!!! It's so suspenseful going up, and then you feel the thrill on the drop. I dig the way by hair blows as I'm going down :D One of my favorite things about it is the speeeeeed. That's EXACTLY what makes me look forward to going to Kings Dominion. Along with the intimi305, there's the Dominator, Flight of Fear, Volcano, and Rebel Yell that bring COMPLETE happiness. The Drop Zone isn't a roller coaster, but it is a GREAT thrill ride. It slowly brings you up into the sky, higher than the Intimidator. When you're least expecting it, it drops everyone to the ground. It is very fast and fun however, if you have a history of getting nauxious on roller coasters, this is NOT for you. Sorry! Over all, Kings Dominion is one of the most greatest places EVER to spend time at in your free time.


Been awhile since I posted last eh? Well I did end up going to that Owl City Concert June 18. That guy is amazing!!! The teenagers that got dropped off were EXTREMELY annoying though. Go play with your beach ball somewhere else, k? I'm here to watch the music. Mat Kearny and Unwed Sailor opened for Owl City. Unwed Sailor was an instrumental band. They were pretty good, although the whole entire time they were playing I was thinking about Adam coming out. I bought a few songs off of iTunes from Mat Kearny. A few days after the concert, I went to OBX for the first time. We rented a house in Nagshead, NC and spent our time at the sand dunes and beaches. The beaches were BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved the little crabbies lurking around ♥! At the sand dunes we found an amazing bird guarding her nest. I didn't know she was there and she started making these weird sounds at me and ruffling her feathers..... sorry birdie:)It was sooooo freaking terrible coming home from the Outer Banks!!!! I really didn't get to spend enough time there.. 3 days wasn't enough. I payed harshly for my time spent at the beach with painful sunburns..... ALOE PLEASE! It was totally worth it though. We're halfway through summer break but I still have more to look forward to, such as my Charming Charlie party, Marron 5 concert, and more great times at Kings Dominion. We've gone there at LEAST once a week... but I shall describe full detail in another post :) I love you my people and family, and PLEASE don't forget to click on my link to before you leave. Save the kitties and puppies!
I have a challenge for you guys! Megan and I got through an HOUR STRAIGHT of this, how long can you last? You aren't allowed to stop watching, even for a fraction of a second. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your iPhone with you. If all fails, just turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it. Comment on the Nyan Cat post and tell me how long you lasted!