Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet My Fish.

The Most Amazing Sory

Once there was a really cute girl named cassie. She was taking a rendezvous in king’s dominion while holding her favorite drink in da world, a mountain dew slurpee, and listenin to hot air balloon by Owl City. She was walking around and she saw a huge pink cloud of gas pop up beside her. She looked behind her and she saw Domo! She excitedly ran up to him so she could hug him. Completely forgetting about the slurpee, she accidentally spilled it on domo she threw her arms up to hug him. They both laughed and took a walk to the intimidator. Domo froze and cassie asked him wat was wrong. He looked up and started sweating. Cassie understood what he meant and shoved him inside the line saying that itd be ok. After they get through the whole line, cassie pushed him right into the coaster and off they went into the sky. Literally. It had never happened before, but intimi got launched into the air with such great distance! Everyone was screaming and was beginning to think it was the end, but suddenly inimi turned into a rainbow with squishy seats, and everyone laughed until they saw they were about to crash smack-dab into a wall. **BOOM** Cassie looked for anyone or anything in the darkness for that matter, but everything seemed to disappear. She gave up, so she started walking and accidentally bumped into someone.

“OOPS! I’m sorry”

“Oh its ok : )”

She recognized that voice from somewhere, and as he started to speak again, she screamed,"OMG IT'S YOU !!!"

She hugged Adam Young and he gave her an autographed picture, 10 backstage passes, lifetime access to his concerts, and a kiss on da cheek. She was SO happy she passed out. When she woke up, she found herself dizzy and kooky in the same room. She looked around and said to herself,"Oh no..." She had a purple hand. She was screaming for someone to help, only to find that security thought that she was robbing the place and gave her illegal drugs that result in a purple hand. She was panicing and found her way outside the door to find a store that sold EVERYTHING and had a really rare magnet. She picked it up and wondered,"Do I remember this from somewhere else..." And saw someone come up behind her. The person threw her out to the street and she said "NOW i remember this -.-.-.- xDDD" She braced herself for the car that was gonna run over her. but this time, the super rare magnet a huge yellow plane flying in the sky. It came with a note.

"Hello young fan,

I apologize for the incident with security earlier today. I hope this huge airplane helps to make up for it.

Hugs and Kisses,

Adam of Owl City


Its called 'The Flying Wing'. Press 'X' to jump in it. Press 'LT' to shoot and press 'RT' to throw a bomb!

"Sweet >:)" she said and decided to mess around in the bonus level. She headed to casey anthonys house. "GET A LOAD OF THIS FREAKIN DAUGHTER KILLER >:)", shooting her house till it completely exploded. She decided to stop the game after killing JB, Kidz Bop, and the xbox factory. She smiled with a huge grin, knowing she had earned an achievement and finished the video game "A Dream By Cassie"

"That game was awesome wasn't it mr.barkey? xDDD"

"BARK! (Licks Cassie)"

Written by my dear friend Josh Ruiz :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jobs I Wanna Have

1. Photographer
2. Actress
3. Singer
4. Musician
5. Animator
6. Radio Show Host
7. Graphic Designer
8. Tennis Player
9. Artist
10. Translator


I swear projects are the most annoying things on the planet. I've been sitting here doing this stupid research one for HOURS now. There were absolutely no books on my Red Devil fish. GAAAAHHH. Oh well. I found different sources to use. But either way, that project was terrible. FINALLY I AM FREAKING FINISHED. YES. Relxing time, here I come :]

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dancing With the Stars

Watching DWS. I love that one lady's blue dress.... It's amazing! If I had money to afford that kind of stuff life would be perfect. Hopefully someday I'll be able to get a dress as pretty as that one!


Just.... wow. -.-

Bucket List

1. Go to Paris
2. Find my prince
3. Bungee jump off the New River Bridge
4. Be the screaming chick that runs from something in a movie
5. Hawaii
6. Sing in front of a large audience
7. Meet Adam Young
8. Go in the Pentagon
9. Save someones life
10. Swim with sharks

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Perfect Night

I love tonight. I'll be really tired tomorrow, but it's totally worth it. Laying here listening to music and texting hasn't been so comfy and fun before. :) Bruno and I decided we'd play a list game. I give him a topic, then he gives me a list under that topic, and it just goes back and forth like that. It's fun! I have plenty of lists to post now. I'll post the Bucket List tomorrow. You'll love number four....

Things People Shouldn't Do

1. Run on Escalators
2. Walk down the stairs while drinking coke and texting
3. Put on lipgloss while riding the metro
4. Run along the edge of a mountain
5. Make fun of the language someone speaks in front of them
6. Sing in the same room your brother is talking to xbox friends in
7. Taunt an evil fish
8. Make $50 apps
9. Use auto-correct
10. Text while peeing


Please comment :) Especially when I make a list of questions. Answer them! There's nothing wrong with that. Plus it bothers me to just have a list of unanswered questions buzzing around in my head... and if someone has already answered and you have different answers to a question or two still comment! I like to know you're there. :D

Posting to a Different Page?

If there are any blogger on here that know how to post on a different page you created can you explain to me how? I've made a page for just the lists I have made but can't put them on that page as a post where people can comment and everything... I can only type it into the page's html which is annoying. Help please?

Questions I Have At the Moment

1. Why do humans have a nose?
2. What was wrong with the person that created Nyan Cat?
3. If Rebecca Black can become famous off such a stupid song, can I become famous?
4. Why are little brothers mean?
5. Why does my fish attack me?
6. Do bugs have feelings?
7. Why do teachers assign more than one project at once?
8. Why does Pencil Animation Software suck?
9. How can I get more people to read my blog?
10. Why are boys so confusing?


I'm reading a book called "Ways to Live Forever" and in it is a boy suffering from Leukemia named Sam. Often he makes lists such as "Questions Nobody Answers" and "The Bucket List". I think that's really cool and I want to do that. So you may start seeing random lists of 10 on my posts.

Pain in the Neck

Ouchhh. Got back from playing tennis a little bit ago, but I returned with a sore neck. I was up by the net hitting balls back to my dad when behind me, my brother hits a ball right into the back of my neck. Now it's sore :( Owowowwwwww.

Mah Puppehs

Looook! Mah puppehs arr frieeeendsss:)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Thanks to all of you amazing people out there reading my blog! I'm overjoyed that you actually care, and I love postong on here anyways. Keep reading, because 8th Grade is probably gonna get waaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting. I love you my people! THANKS:)


I had a fun time at the mall :)! I love going to JCPenny's and trying on their winter clothes. The hats are amazing! Some look like animals, some are furry, and some are just flat out awesome. I hope I get some for Christmas!!! I also tried on this scarf thing with balls on it. They looked like Gremlins! I love winter clothes.

Blogger App Fail

-.- ok on second thought I'm switching back to computer later. Apperently pictures are an epic failure on here, as you can see with the one of Greyson and me. I'll fix that when I feel like getting up.

Greyson Chance

I just realized I never posted about Greyson Chance!!!! This kid is AMAZING. As you may know already I went to go see him at the Hard Rock Cafe in DC last Sunday. His band didn't come, it was just him and his piano. Waaaaaaay too many people came and there wasn't room for me... so you know what I did? I made friends with the sound crew >:D. I managed to get a good seat and I saw Gretson perfectly. My favorite thing that he sang was probably Paparazzi. After he finished singing, he signed autographs, so here's me with him:)! I love this guy..... :D

Rise and Shine

Good morning peeple. I literally just woke up and normally I wouldn't be posting this early however, I downloaded the new blogger iPod app. I like it :) Now I might be able to post more pictures, and pictures always make things a little more interesting.... but yeah BLOGGER APP WHOOOO!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goat Tree

Haha. There's goats in that tree. I just thought that was funny. Pic credit to this guy ---> l'insouciant1

Stress Free Zone

Somehow, I have managed to enter the stressss freee zoneeeee. No issues, barely any work; I'm just..... fine! I'm kinda suprised about that after such a tough week. Instead of taking hours to do my science project, it only took me an hour this time! WOOTWOOT. Oh, and be sure to go to to help me raise money and win best prizes. There you can buy magazine subscriptions, or even renew old ones. Make sure before you buy something you enter my school code (904672) and my name (Duh) Thank you guyzzzzzz.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make Up Work

Make up work is unbelievably annoying. Especially when you don't understand it. Fortunately I just finished it though due to the help of my kind father :) Measurements suck. Decimals are confusing. But oh well, I've got dis yo ;D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Stayed home from school yesterday due to sickness, and here I am again. Sickness sucks. I'm not looking forward to homework I'm gonna get tomorrow.... ughhhh, Too many projects. At least I've had time to start on my Science 9-Week project. It's going good so far, but I need a better animation software :/ I'm getting better, so I'll definitely be at school tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Long time, no posts. I spologize, I've had a busy week. Everything has been falling into place perfectly lately! I'm going to a party today, and to see GREYSON CHANCE tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! YES. WOOTWOOT. MAYBE DC Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!! This weekend owns. ♥
i love you my people:)

Monday, September 12, 2011


The English teahcer told us to write what we were thinking about earlier today. I wrote that I wanted to be a nascar driver sponsered by Apple. My car will be black with blue flames and I will be number -1. So for those of you that read this, when I become famous, you people were first to know. ;D

Sunday, September 11, 2011


JOSH!!!!!! IK YOU'RE READING THIS SO HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY :D You are my buddy and I hope you had the most amazing and awesome birthday ever(even tho you have to wait til 9 til you're 13xD)!!!!!!!!!! WOOTWOOT. I reeeaaaallllly hope you like your presents and birthday note that I will give you tomorrow :)

PS: Fedoras own.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great B Day.

For once I actually like both my a days AND my b days. I have good classes on both, and I'm CONSTANTLY with my buddies. Band seemed like it lasted FOREVERRRRRRR though. My mouth still hurts from playing so much. It's alot harder to play higher notes with braces, but I still got it :) I hope I can make all county again this year, because this year it's being held at MY school!!! WOOTWOOT. I finally understand my math now. I just had to ask a bajillion questions to make that possible. PE was fun. I liked running to one of my favorite songs, "Moves Like Jagger" :D!!! And last but not least, science. I love the conversations we had in there today. But to sum it all up, AMAZING B DAY.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I don't post on youtube often, and I currently don't have any videos with me in them. If you haven't seen the fuzzy caterpillar, you must go to my channel and check it out. Eventually I'll have my face in my videos, but for now I'm sticking to stuff. Anyway, here's the link! :)


So in English, we had to write a journal topic. It had something to do with, "You wake up on a Saturday morning, and your mom and grandma tell you that today you are going to help them clean the family room. After about 30 minutes of cleaning, behind the file cabinet in the left corner you find...". I asked the Mrs. Amos if it had to be realistic, but she didn't answer. So I hope she's okay with me finding a colorful bouncy ball that takes you back in time.


YESSS!!!!! Megan and I are braces buddies nowwwwwww! You're still prettyful with braces, gurrrrrl :) Braces only hurt for about a week, then they're fineeee. Take advantage of the slurpees and icecream. Haha!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in Va

I had a spleeeeeendid time in West Virginia. There was a nice fireworks show last night for the Oak Leaf festival. I also went shopping at the Mall in Beckley with my mom and grandma. Sadly I had to return home from my short vacation :(. School's tomorrow, I just got finished wi th my homework. Time to clean my room and straighten my hairrrrr!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does anyone still email?

I still email. I usually don't get a response, but I still do it. Sometime I don't want to IM or text. I just kinda want to know what's up or what's been going on with you! Is email the old thing now? I obviously am not going to want to even bother checking my email anymore if I never want to get a response.

Happy September!

New month. August seemed really short..... or is it just me? I wish it was still summer. I don't like working.... and just the fact that I'm being assigned 3 projects at once makes it totally worse. It's all for one class too! GRRR! Why Mrs Whipkey? We can't just slowly do one at a time? Stresssss. AND it's only the first week of school -.- Here comes the worrying.
I have a challenge for you guys! Megan and I got through an HOUR STRAIGHT of this, how long can you last? You aren't allowed to stop watching, even for a fraction of a second. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your iPhone with you. If all fails, just turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it. Comment on the Nyan Cat post and tell me how long you lasted!