Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Dangg. I haven't poste in awhile have I? Suprisingly I completely forgot about my blog... sorry guyssss. I've also been pretty busy though! Too. Much. Homework!!! I'm pretty irritated at my teachers since I asked them for makeup work the week BEFORE last. Goodness gracious people, I would've had literally 50 hours to do that... but NOOOO you gotta give it to me when I'm freaking B U S Y. Whatever. Anyways, sooooo tomorrow! I have a band concert tomorrow and I'm supaa siked!!! We're gonna be GREAT, funfunfun. Concert starts at 7, COME. Let's go band geeeeeks<3

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Texas was just like I remembered. There weren't many trees at all. Sadly when I got there, all my medical conditions came back too -___- oh well. There wasn't much to do there, but I still had alot of fun. I did get to go to Braum's alot, go to Charming Charlie, saw prairie dogs, and hang out with family I haven't seen in forever. I love the people there! My family is amazing:)

B r a u m s

Braum's is the most amazing ice cream place evaa. I had ice cream there 3 or 4 times.... I love it. Frozen yogurt twist pleaseeee <3

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Have Arrived

We made it to Texas! It just like how it was before :) I'm staying at my Grampy's house in Wichita Falls right now. He has the cuuuuutest dog in the world, her name is Freeda. I love her! She's laying on the couch in front of the window with me. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get to sleep tonight when I can see Braum's right across the street !!! I haven't been there in FOUR YEARS! If you live in a hole and don't know what Braum's is, it's an amazing ice cream place. Memories are flooding in :3

Saturday, November 19, 2011

West Virginia 2 Missouri

Check! It took the ENTIRE DAY, but we made it. We left the dogs and crabs at my grandparents' house to save trouble. The ride was a little less boring than it normally would have been because my uncle made my brother and I a list of stuff to find on our way here. 10 bucks if we find everything from WV to TX :D we've found everything between WV and MO. I tell you what, the most BORING part of the drive was Kentucky and Illinois. There was absolutely nothing to look at! Just a few oil pumps and cows. I wish we could've checked out Chicago, but there definitely wasn't enough time for that. Know what my favorite part of the day was? Think think think.... It had something to do with FOOD and I haven't been there in YEARS. MY PARENTS FOUND A FAZOLI'S AND TOOK ME TO EAT THERE!!!! Ugh, I remember when I lived in Texas and they shut down the one I used to go to. I was HORRIFIED. This is the first time I've been to one since then. Oh, and if you live in a hole and don't know what Fazoli's is, it is an amazing Italian restaurant with the BESTEST BREADSTICKS IN DA WORLD. I ate so many I almost got sick. I also took one back here to save for breakfast tomorrow. Anyway, I'm staying at a Hilton and it is reaaaallllllly nice. This bed is comfy, and I'm super happy that I found a wi-fi connection in the bathtub. Wish me luck on the 10 hour drive to Texas tomorrow!

Friday, November 18, 2011

On a Journey to Texas

I'm at West Virginia right now, listening to Port Blue and laying in bed. I'm pretty upset that I left my Domo in the car and the dog peed on the blanket that I've slept on every night since about... Hmmm... FOREVER. There is noooo way I'm gonna get any sleep tonight. That's okay though, because I can just sleep on the way to Missouri tomorrow. This journey to Texas is soooo boring. HOWEVER, I'm really excited to get to the hotel in Missouri! We're staying at a really nice Hilton. Maybe me and my brother can run around the lobby and pretend we're British, like we did in New York. Gooooood times.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My 14th Birthday

My birthday was on Nov. 12. It was perfect!!! I got to preform in the All-County Band with Fredrick. After that we went to Red Lobster for dinner. At the mall they had a Christmas light show, so my family and I headed to that too. Nice people gave me a hot chocolate and popcorn:) Last we went to Sweetfrog. AMAZINGNESSSSSS!!!! For my bday my parents got me a mouthpiece for Fredrick, beast shoes,and a cute panda hat! The mouthpiece doesn't fit, but we'll get a new one:D happy burfday meee.

All-County Band

These were the most amazing people ever! All county band was THE BEST!!!!! I love all the baritones, and the director was HISTERICAL. He wasn't bald. He had a clear Afro. We also have an all county band gang symbol. Ohhhh myy. Band geeks:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bye Slideshow.... :(

You know the slideshow I have at the top center of my page? Well, apperently Slide is quitting the slideshows and all that jazz, so I'd appreciate it if someone that knows of a site where I can make a different slideshow would comment and tell me what it is! The slideshow I have brings so much life to my site<3 I MUST find another one!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 Things I Was Thinking Of On Halloween in World History

1. Should I be a man later?
2. OMG you can still see what Megan wrote in my agenda even though I covered it with SHARPIE!!!
3.I REALLY need to get ready for that debate tournament...
4. DANG IT I'm not gonna have time to get to 10.
5. Ok dude seriously why do you keep looking at me... -.-
6. I hope I don't fail the math test tomorrow!
7. Why is the substitute so LOUD?!?!?!?
8. I hope Deputy Chambers took care of that girl earlier.
9. I need chapstick.
10. YAY I had time to write 10 :D

SO. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday is coming up soooon! 3 more days and I'm 14 years old! Time sure does go by fast! AHHH!!! THERE ARE SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS IN THIS POST!!!! I forgot to mention something else! On my birthday, I get to preform at an All-County Band concert!!!! You guys should totally come.... it's at Spotsy Middle on Saturday! I'm FIRST CHAIR baritone!!!!!! Fredrick will be my partner<3 He sounds 100% amazing with no doubt. I'm infuriated with happiness that I get to do my most favorite thing in the world on my birthday :D BAND GEEK FOREVA.


L'algebra est stupide.... Je ne suis pas fort en le cour d'algebra. Je passer une examen รก onze heures. Il est difficile!!!!! Je n'ai pas de papier. Stupide gross et laid algebra...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Party

Saturday night was my birthday party. We went to Charming Charlies, watched a light show, then headed back to my house for a sleepover. It was AMAZING!!!! My mom got these really cool cupcakes that were shiny and had glitter on top. I bought alot of stuff at Charlies, and the light show was fun. At the sleepover most fell asleep around 2:30, but Olivia and I were up until about 3:00am. I got really mad in the middle of the night, because the stupid iPod alarm went off like 50 million times.... grrr. Overall it was an amazing party, thank you guys for coming and thanks for the presents! :D


The tounament went pretty well, Megan and I won 2 out of three rounds. It really sucks though, because we only lost the round by ONE point! Oh well, I'm happy with 6th place :) The first team was easy, the second team was..... well...... rude.... and the third team was pretty good. It was all really fun, congrats to everyone!

Friday, November 4, 2011


OMG I HAVE A DEBATE TOURNAMENT TOMORROW!!! Sooooo siked! IM READY! Wish me and Megan luck :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Debate tournament Saturday! I'm soooo nervous. Hopefully I got this.... I think I do tho. Got my speech, attacks, questions, everything I need. Practice after school tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homework: Ewww.

Literally all I did today when I got home from school was homework. I shouldn't have to spend 4 hours on notes for science... Especially when I'm not completely prepared for a debate tournament that's on Saturday. Oh, I also have to clean my room by Saturday. I didn't have time to clean or work on debate, also because of algebra homework. Math is stupid.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Late happy halloween! Haha sorry I had no time to post yesterday. I got soooo much candy, and money for UNICEF! I'm not sure what I was... Just some awkward lady. Here's a pic.
I have a challenge for you guys! Megan and I got through an HOUR STRAIGHT of this, how long can you last? You aren't allowed to stop watching, even for a fraction of a second. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your iPhone with you. If all fails, just turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it. Comment on the Nyan Cat post and tell me how long you lasted!