I get soooo bored.... I mean, who doesn't? This is just alittle fun thing I like to do, coming up with a topic and making a list of 10! It helps me gather up my thoughts sometimes too.... so here it is!

Funny Names of Places Around VA

1. Bumpass
2. Lochjelly
3. Backlick
4. Manassass
5. Dumfries
6. Fart
7. Assawoman
8. Butt Hollow
9. Lick Creek
10. Suck Creek

Things That Make Me Hyper

1. Megan
2. Mountain Dew
3. Stride Mystery Gum
4. Owl City
5. Intimidator 305
6. Fuzzy things
7. Georgetown Cupcakes
9. Certain text messages
10. Nyan Cat

Things I Hate

1. Liars
2. The sound of friction
3. Waiting
4. Death
5. Noses
6. Distance
7. Needles
8. Guns
9. Waking up early
10. Tiny spaces

Things I Got For Christmas

1. Netbook
2. Euphonium Mouthpiece
3. Rooster Hat
4. Mouse to Go With Netbook
5. Laptop Case
6. Michael Jackson: The Experience
7. Scarves
8. Charming Charlie's Gift Card
9. Domos
10. Domo Panda Blanket

Best Kinds Of Music

1. E
2. l

10 Things I Was Thinking Of On Halloween in World History

1. Should I be a man later?
2. OMG you can still see what Megan wrote in my agenda even though I covered it with SHARPIE!!!
3.I REALLY need to get ready for that debate tournament...
4. DANG IT I'm not gonna have time to get to 10.
5. Ok dude seriously why do you keep looking at me... -.-
6. I hope I don't fail the math test tomorrow!
7. Why is the substitute so LOUD?!?!?!?

8. I hope Deputy Chambers took care of that girl earlier.
9. I need chapstick.
10. YAY I had time to write 10 :D

Favorite Songs

1. Hot Air Balloon
2. Moves Like Jagger
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Summertrain
5. Somewhere Only We Know
6. Not Over You
7. Breakeven
8. Angels
9. Won't Go Home Without You
10. Plant Life

Things People Shouldn't Do

1. Run on Escalators
2. Walk down the stairs while drinking coke and texting
3. Put on lipgloss while riding the metro
4. Run along the edge of a mountain
5. Make fun of the language someone speaks in front of them
6. Sing in the same room your brother is talking to xbox friends in
7. Taunt an evil fish
8. Make $50 apps
9. Use auto-correct
10. Text while peeing

Bucket List

1. Go to Paris
2. Find my prince
3. Bungee jump off the New River Bridge
4. Be the screaming chick that runs from something in a movie
5. Hawaii
6. Sing in front of a large audience
7. Meet Adam Young

8. Go in the Pentagon
9. Save someones life
10. Swim with sharks

Jobs I Wanna Have

1. Photographer
2. Actress
3. Singer
4. Musician
5. Animator
6. Radio Show Host

7. Graphic Designer
8. Tennis Player
9. Artist
10. Translator

Questions I Have At the Moment

1. Why do humans have a nose?
2. What was wrong with the person that created Nyan Cat?
3. If Rebecca Black can become famous off such a stupid song, can I become famous?
4. Why are little brothers mean?
5. Why does my fish attack me?
6. Do bugs have feelings?
7. Why do teachers assign more than one project at once?
8. Why does Pencil Animation Software suck?
9. How can I get more people to read my blog?
10. Why are boys so confusing?

Please comment! :)

1 comment:

the last pickle!!!! said...

Haha im gonna comment on all of these...
Funny names of places around Va:
1-:) haha theres a bump on the person that named the streets but......
2-i dont like jelly
4-haha my dad lives in man-but-but
5-fries are very dumb!!!
6-haha i do that alot :D
7-haha ya cassie but-a-women!!!
8-your but is very hollow today!!!
9/10-haha :)

Things that make u hyper:
1-ya she kinda does that to ya
2-i dont know what u like so much about mountain dew!!!
3-haha it remains a mystery!!!
4-haha owl
6-im wearing fuzzy pj pants :)
7-:) yumm cupcakes!!!!
8-:) haha nicee
9-haha which ones????
(and arnt u hyper about EVERYTHING?!?!)

Things you hate:
3-who dosent???
4-who dosent???
5-your gonna have to explain that one
6-distance from what???
9-haha im good at waking up earlly;)

haha theres alot of lists so ill do the others another day!!!

I have a challenge for you guys! Megan and I got through an HOUR STRAIGHT of this, how long can you last? You aren't allowed to stop watching, even for a fraction of a second. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your iPhone with you. If all fails, just turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it. Comment on the Nyan Cat post and tell me how long you lasted!